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Marilyn May

Born in New England and transplanted to St. Croix 44 years ago, Marilyn reflects in her art her exciting life experiences, her innate talent,

and her training at top tier art institutions.  The light and bright colors of the Caribbean have inspired her to utilize instense pure colors in both her watercolor landscapes and figure acrylic paintings.  Marilyn has exhibited at the Caribbean Fine Arts Exhibition, Canegata

Art Exhibit and with the Palletteers at Art in the Garden at the Botanical Gardenm at Club Comanche and at Polly‚Äôs at the Pier.

Elizabeth Carol Keith

The power, strength and tranquility of the ocean environment have embraced my soul and the connection I have through my emotions and

memories are expressed through my paintings.  Being self-taught I continue to study online, attend artist workshops and paint en plein air

weekly at different island locations with a local group called the Palletteers.  My skills continue to improve and evolve as I am exposed to new and exciting challenges. Currently I am striving to capture the mesmerizing beauty of our local flowers, historic architecture and ocean waves by using different media to express atmospheric conditions.

Jenny Keith

While studying Environmental Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology in Jensen Beach,  I developed a passion for underwater photography.  I retired from the construction industry in 2006 and relocated to

St. Croix,  and  I'm now a full time Scuba Instructor at N2 the Blue The never ending variety and beauty of the sea has been my passion and hobby for as long as I can remember, it all travels home with me, tucked

safely away inside the digital images of my camera and my dreams.

Jenny Keith
Elizabeth Keith
Marilyn May
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