Guild President Laurie Ingersoll presenting the scholarships.

Artists Guild Community Projects

Angelina Lang with her scholarship prize.

Congratulations to Angelina Lange and Kiana Alexander from St. Croix Central High School, who each received a $500 Scholarship during our December Membership Meeting!

Kiana Alexander with her scholarship prize.


Around the world artists are participating in ART for HEALING projects focused on making the corridors of our community hospitals more inviting and uplifting for patients and visitors alike. Guild Member Elizabeth Keith is spearheading the project at the Juan Luis Hospital with support from the Artists Guild of St. Croix and the St. Croix Senior Collaboritive Group. The first stage of the project is underway with island photography donated by The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. Eleven (20 x 30) photographs will be installed in April!. The intent is to expand the project to include guild member artists! We want to see the work of our local artist members in our hospital! If you are interested in participating in this uplifting and community significant effort, please contact Elizabeth Keith, Project Chairman.


Mango Melee is an excellent opportunity for the Guild to bring awareness of the many talented artists in our community to more than 500 yearly attendees of the festival. This year we are seeking several artists to commit to attending the event. Our objective is to create a guild sponsored ‘Art Mart’ at Mango Melee showcaseing the many diverse and talented creatives in our guild. This is an excellent opportunity to market your art, to gain exposure and recognition, and to participate in promoting art in our community. Let’s get together and get organized! A successful turn-out for Mango Melee would indicate an interest in doing this in the future as a standalone art fair. Anyone interested? Contact Guild Member Laura Ballard.


We will again be organizing a Youth Scholarship competition offering a tuition scholarship to young artists. Guild Member Laurie Ingersoll has chaired this project in the past and it has been very rewarding to all involved! We are just now discussing the criteria and award for this year. Consider being a part of this committee. Presentation scheduled for the late fall. Art for our Youth!


Bringing art to the elderly of our community, inspiring creativity and bringing joy, color and fun to their lives! Art is good for everyone!. Guild Member Elisa McKay has been doing this at the Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged for the past couple years with help from Guild Volunteers and with support from our Guild. We hope to expand on community outreach projects like this! Get involved.

Student Art Scholarship Winners!